1. I cant seem to run the program. Why is that?

- You many not have Java installed on your computer. Java can be downloaded HERE. You may also want to check if you are using the right program for the operating system that you are using. For Windows users, the file extension of the program should be .exe while for Mac OS users, it should be .app.

2. Whenever I try to delete a record, I get a prompt that says “Unable to delete. Record in use”.

- To ensure the integrity of your data, a record may not be deleted while it is being used by another record. E.g. You are trying to delete a generic name but you have already created a brand name associated with it. In order to delete the generic name, you would have to delete all brand names associated with it.

3. I tried to run the program but it is asking me to enter a key. Where do I get this key?

- You may request for this key by sending an email to admin@prescryb.com and you will receive the instructions on how to obtain the key. You may also send your inquiry HERE.

4. What if my computer crashes, what will happen to all the data?

- Whenever you close the program, it will ask you if you would like to backup the data. It is recommended that you do so everytime a change or update has been made. Save the backup data in an external hard drive . If ever this unfortunate incident happens, you may email admin@prescryb.com to inquire on how to restore your data using your most recent backup.

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