What is Prescryb? Prescryb is a patient record management software that makes it easy for medical practitioners to organize the records of their patients and go paperless. As you gain more patients, it becomes more difficult to manage this data. Imagine the stack of papers that get piled up for every patient that you encounter. That is clinic space that is being put to waste. Have you encountered the difficulty of sorting through those files looking for the record of your patient? Add to that the problem of not being able to find it and just trying to create a new record without and taking note of your patient’s history again.

With Prescryb, adding, updating and searching for your patient records is done in just a few clicks. You get to save time, space and get to focus more on your objectives which is to give your patients the best treatment possible.

The Prescryb Patient Record Software is available for Windows and Mac users. No more complicated installations. Just download and launch to use it.

So what are you waiting for? Go paperless. Save the environment and manage your patient records in the most efficient way.

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Patient Records made easy